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Bring winning genetics to your herd with this purebred Toggenburg buck.  Alphie’s dam is from Daniel Considine’s herd Sunshine Farm (paternal grandparents are GCH Moss-Ridge Jag’s Maura 5*M and Sunshine Carmen Carbine ++B)  Sired twin doelings both does he was bred to. ).  Both of his MiniTogg daughters (pictured below) are featured as babies on the Mid-Atlantic Mini-Goats website.   

Asking $150 for this ADGA registered purebred Toggenburg buck.



Alphie's Pedigree:



SS: Coming soon



Sire: Sire Info Coming Soon!



SDD: Coming soon




            DSS: Sunshine Carmen Carbine AI ++B

DS: Moss-Ridge Carbine Maxcell AI *B

DSD: GCH Moss-Ridge Jag's Maura 5*M


Dam: Sunshine Maxcell Abelia (T1338615)


            DDS: Sunshine Sassafras Salute ++*B

DD: Sunshine Salute Abely AI

            DDD: Sunshine Spice Abelian 6*M




Curly will make the perfect family milker.  Curly should give your family lots of milk with a long lactation as she is a Togg/Saanen cross. Her mother was a grade Saanen, and gave a gallon of milk a day. Curly’s sire is a very nice Togg buck with great genetics behind him (See Alphie above).  Curly is very friendly and loves people.  She was born in 2008.  Asking $150 for Curly.


The yellow on her back is from getting a little singed by a heat lamp.